Coordinate and conduct the Annual Membership Meeting and up to (4) Board meetings per year including issuing meeting notices and proxy statements and drafting Agendas for Board review and consideration

Collection of all annual dues and/or special assessments (online payment services included)

Delinquent payment follow ups done in accordance with the Association’s By Laws and direction of the Board

Conduct weekly inspections of the Association to ensure quality vendor performance, enforce covenants and restrictions and ensure overall preservation of the community

Respond to all homeowner concerns and inquiries

Address all covenant infractions in accordance with the Association’s Covenants and Restrictions and report same to the Board. Notification will be in writing and will include photographs of the violation when possible

Maintain a directory of Homeowners, Board and Committee Members for the Association

Coordinate all vendor agreements including general maintenance repairs and bidding enhancement projects when directed by the Board

Receive and coordinate all Architectural Control Committee (“ACC”) requests and decisions

Maintain monthly management reports for the Board to include a Covenant and Restrictions Report (open and closed violations), a Homes for Sale Report, a Work Order Report (open and closed issues), an ACC Report (pending and closed requests) and a detailed financial accounting

Assist Board members in creating a budget to ensure goals of the Association are met, including drafting a budget proposal for the following fiscal year

General administrative duties to include maintaining one (1) operating account for the association for the facilitation of day to to day operations of the Association, paying all vendor invoices (utilities and standard maintenance) and those to be presented to the Board for final approval (special improvement projects), and collecting miscellaneous income (club house or pool rental)

Maintain one (1) reserve account at the request of the Board

Maintain General Liability and Directors and Officers insurance policies at the Association’s expense

Facilitate rental/reservation of Association amenities upon request

Serve as Registered Agent for the Association

Prepare for rapid response to inclement weather conditions

Assist and coordinate with tax preparer for annual tax filings

Assist and coordinate with attorneys when legal services are needed

Provide assessment certifications for real estate closings upon request

Deliver welcome packets and a box of freshly baked cookies to new neighbors

Award “Garden of the Month” to a homeowner selected by the Board

Provide comprehensive year end financial accounting to the Board

All services can be customized to meet the needs of your community.
Additional services available upon request.