Processing annual or quarterly dues assessments

Processing one (1) special assessments per year

Online access for homeowners to pay dues and check account balances quickly and securely through our online homeowner portal

Online access for Board members to check the accounting of the Association at their convenience through our online Board member portal

Online dues payments available to the HOA the following business day

Follow up on delinquent accounts in accordance with the Board’s directives (lien drafting and processing as well as filing and legal fees are additional)

Payment of all vendor related service contracts including standard utility payments as well as special projects directed by the Board

Draft annual budget for the Board’s review and consideration

Serve as Registered Agent for the Association

Maintain General Liability and Directors and Officers insurance policies for the Association

Assist and coordinate with tax preparer for annual tax filings

Assist and coordinate with attorneys when legal services are needed

Provide assessment certifications for real estate closings upon request

Provide comprehensive year end financial accounting to the Board

All service packages can be customized to meet the needs of your community.
Additional services available upon request.