Here’s a great article in Forbes Magazine entitled Why Newsletters Suck and How To Do Successful Email Marketing.

To avoid this pitfall here are five ways to make sure your association’s newsletter is enjoyed and appreciated.

1. Have a Compelling Opening

The only effective newsletters are those that are read before they hit the vertical filing cabinet.  To be effective you have to find way to make your audience read it.

Compelling openings are a great way to grab the readers attention have them seek more information.  The openings should not be a numerical list of forthcoming projects.  Jazzy it up a bit!! Start with a joke, a meme or a one liner to lend a little humor to what would otherwise be a mundane recitation of association business.

2.  Include Pictures

The most effective way to appease neighbors is to show them where their dues are being spent.   One way to do that is to include pictures of projects in the newsletter.   Some improvement projects are more easily photographed than others.  If you have a nice before and after photo of the front entrance landscaping or a signage improvement project – throw those photographs in the newsletter. Using photographs is a great way for neighbors to quickly see the progress being made.

3.  Get to it!

The fact of the matter is that people are going to glance at the newsletter, skim it for content and hopefully digest a decent amount of information.  To ensure maximum return on this investment get to the point!  Being clear and concise will engage readers and give them the information they need to stay abreast of association business.

4. Consistency

The key to  updating neighbors on association business is to be consistent with publications.  The best way to do that is to have a committee designated to assist with content and scheduling.  Engage interest neighbors in developing relevant content and maintaining a schedule for updates.

5.  Make it flashy and affordable

Newsletters are an added expense for the association so committee members should give some thought to how to best disseminate the end product.  Ideally, color copies to all neighbors would be nice; However, that can get expensive.  Consider publishing the color version of the newsletter on your website and through email while disseminating it in black and white.  Another option is to post it on the association’s website and social media pages – that’s a great way to save the added expense of postage and printing while still accomplishing the goal of consistently communicating with weights.

If your association is in need of help with newsletters or just ready for a change, Gulf South Property Management is ready to help. Give us a call today at (985) 200-0660 to see how we can add value to your community.

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