Are you suffering from board member burnout?

While it’s a compliment to be selected to serve as a board member for your homeowners association, it’s also a big responsibility. From meetings to budgeting, the role of a board member is extremely robust.  When a handful of people are the designated decision makers for an entire community, it can be easy to get tired of fulfilling the never-ending duties of the role.

Read on for a few tips on how to avoid burning out before you’re ready. 

1. Cut the cord!!

Often times associations have engaged the assistance of a property management company; Yet board members refuse to relinquish control of various tasks. While it may be a bit scary at first, once you have a good rhythm going with your property management company – let go!!

After all, you’re paying them for their services so you should be using your management company to the fullest extent of your contract.  A good property management company will practice full transparency and will timely report on all issues, including finances.  Having the right property management company in place will make the decision to turn over all issues an easy one!  Read here for detail on how a full management package can free up valuable board member time.

2.  Committees, committees, committees

A wise man once said “many hands make light work.”

One of the most common reasons board members burn out is because they carry the weight of the entire association on their shoulders.  Board membership can be a thankless, unpaid position.  When times get rough and neighbors begin to complain it is easy to be inclined to quit.

Rather than folding your cards, setting up committees to address hot topics is a great way to get help while also sharing the responsibilities and garnering support for decisions made on behalf of the association.

Inviting naysayers or your association’s biggest complainers to join or lead a committee is a great way to turn a negative into a positive.  Associations form committees for all sorts of things.  Here are few of the most common committees we see:

To read more about how to establish effective committees click here.

3.  Be informed

Board membership can easily become overwhelming when you volunteer for a position but have no real clue what is expected of you.  One way to avoid burning out too fast is to be informed on your new position.  If your association utilizes a property management company they are great starting place to answer your questions.

At Gulf South Property Management we offer a free Board Member Training Seminar twice a year.  This seminar is free to all association clients and is a great way to convince tentative neighbors to jump in and join the board.

Gulf South Property Management makes board membership easy. Give us a call today to see how we can help your association’s board members remain engaged without burning out. 

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