One way to keep homeowners happy is to let them see where their HOA dues are being spent. Transparency is the key to success in this regard. Another easy way to do this is making improvements visible to the homeowners.

Easier said than done, right? Sometimes there are hidden lighting or plumbing issues that need to be addressed by the Board of Directors, the benefit of which is not always visible to homeowners. One way to ensure homeowners know where their money is being spent throughout the year is by publishing periodic newsletters highlighting the improvements being made by the Board of Directors.

The easiest way to keep homeowners happy is to make improvements to common areas that are visible to all. These types of improvements usually include landscape improvements, increased lighting or signage or installations such as new street signs.  If you are looking to increase neighborhood satisfaction take a look at these common renovations to help your Association look its best.

Landscape Upgrades

Everyone loves to see new or improved landscape in common areas.  While this may seem like an obvious upgrade you would be surprised by how many Associations have the same landscape in place for years upon years.  If the bushes are overgrown and the previous color is now gone, it may be time for an overhaul.

Landscape improvements can be costly so selecting the best landscape architect is crucial.  At GSPM we are BBB certified and we encourage our clients to patronize vendors who share our values and commitment to customer service.

If your budget won’t sustain a complete overhaul there are lots of things that can be done to make a lasting impact while building on the foundation already in place.  Trimming hedges, adding in some color and installing a fresh layer of mulch are great options to make a visible improvement to common areas.

Check out this article on how to make the most of you HOAs landscape budget.

Street Signs

Street signs are an often overlooked upgrade in the neighborhood. The only time signs garner attention is when they start to lean or are missing letters.  Before your Association’s street signs become an eye sore, consider an upgrade.

When choosing new street signs there are a lot of options to consider.  Are your signs currently wood with green street sign blades?  Would your Association enjoy an upgrade to iron signs and blades?  When considering whether to go back with wood or iron there are a number of considerations:

  1.  Cost – what can your budget sustain?  Can the project be done in phases to accomplish the goal of improvement over two fiscal years?
  2. Materials – is your Association part of a nature preserve? Does wood fit best in this space?  Or, is your Association gated and would iron signs fit best?
  3. Color – Street sign blades come in a variety of color.  Green and black are common choices and reflective lettering is a great way to enhance visibility at night.
  4. Enhancements – Sign blades come in the standard rectangular shape.  Options to consider include adding scroll work at the top or bottom.  Enhancing the top of the blades with a curved feature, adding the subdivision name on the top of the street sign blades.

Installing new street sign blades is a great way improve the overall feel in the subdivision.  This project can be costly but there are ways to make this project affordable.  Making sure that you choose the right contractor for this project is the key to success.  We keep a list of approved and insured vendors and have had great success with our partners including our friends at  Magnificent Mailboxes.

At Gulf South Property Management we have guided clients through countless improvement projects and we are happy to walk your Association through this process.

Painting/Pressure Washing

Here in the South the weather is a force we deal with on a regular basis.  Harsh summer heat can take a toll on signage often times causing peeling and cracking.  Another common irritant in our area is mold.

The good news is that the most common results of harsh weather are easily remedied.  Pressure washing an entrance sign or common concrete elements is a great way improve the overall appearance of your subdivision.  Want to know the best part?  It’s relatively inexpensive!!

If pressure washing hasn’t done the complete job, consider updating the paint on common element signs.  Keeping the front entrance sign in pristine condition is a must.  This is the entrance everyone sees on a daily basis and sets the stage for how realtors and prospective buyers view your neighborhood.

Other common area signage such as pool, playground and recreational area signage should be put on an annual maintenance project list.


It is impossible to eliminate all homeowner complaints with visible upgrades.  Keeping up common areas is a great way to let neighbors know where their dues are spent while maintaining property values for everyone in the Association.

If your association needs help boosting homeowner satisfaction through visible upgrade projects and exceptional customer service, contact the leader in homeowner association property management – Gulf South Property Management

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