4 Ways to Get Your HOA Meeting Attendance Up!

Members of the HOA Board meet with regularity to ensure the Association is running smoothly.  At least once per year the entire membership meets to receive updates from the Board and offer insight and opinions into the future of the Association.  However, getting homeowners to show up for meetings is a challenge.  For Board members looking to boost homeowner meeting attendance, here are a few quick strategies to consider:

  1. Advertise the event. 

    This may seem obvious, yet it is amazing how often HOA Boards forget to publicize the event until it’s just a week away. Send out information as far in advance as you can. Put up flyers. Mention the meeting regularly on social media. Post notice of the meeting at the entrance to your subdivision.  Ask homeowners to mark the date on their calendars, and allow them plenty of lead time to do so.

  2. Make it a social event.

    If you make your event into a Saturday luncheon, an informal Sunday evening dinner or snack time, an ice cream social, or some other kind of “fun” event, you’ll likely get a better turnout—especially among younger families.  Consider making the event a pot luck to control costs. Using a SignUp Genius or other organizational app is a great way to ensure you have enough food and to track attendance.

  3. Share the agenda. 

    Let homeowners know what you’ll be discussing at the meeting. If you’re making decisions about things like parking, playground space, or the payment of dues, people are going to want to show up to have their voice heard.  Circulating the Agenda before the meeting will spark interest.

  4. Offer some incentives.

    Though it may seem gimmicky, there is ultimately nothing wrong with holding a drawing or a raffle at the event, or simply promising a big “surprise” announcement or prize of some sort. Just make sure you actually deliver on any promises that you make!  Some ideas include raffling a restaurant gift card, a Lowe’s/Home Depot gift card, a wine basket, a BBQ/outdoor gift basket or a holiday themed door hanger.  Another option would be taking a percentage off of annual dues.  Discounted HOA dues are sure to get everyone’s attention.  The possibilities are endless and, remember, people love to win things!

History has shown that HOA meeting attendance is likely always going to be a challenge. By following these strategies, though, you can drive attendance numbers higher than you’ve seen them in the past.

Posted by: gspmla on September 1, 2017
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